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Oral health is one of the most important and underrated aspects of our pet’s health.  Your dog or cat can not brush their own teeth so having them evaluated and cleaned on a regular basis by a veterinarian is extremely important.  It is not about your pet’s breath, often a primary complaint from our clients, but instead, it is about the bacteria that is in your pet’s mouth.  Our veterinarians in Tampa see dental issues on a daily basis and most can be prevented with routine dental care.  The tartar and plaque on the teeth harbor many bacteria which can cause a long list of problems ranging from gingivitis to organ failure.  Once the bacteria has made it’s way under the gum line, it can enter the circulatory system and cause localized tooth root and bone infections.  Keeping the plaque and tartar removed from the teeth is the primary way to prevent gingivitis from occurring and reduce the total bacterial population within your pet.

At our animal hospital in Tampa, our veterinarians perform yearly exams on our patients which includes an oral exam.  If there is evidence of tartar accumulation or gingivitis, we generally recommend a thorough dental cleaning.  This allows us to remove the plaque and tartar and therefore decrease the bacteria counts in your pet’s mouth making for a healthier life.  The benefit of having a clean mouth is extremely important to your pet’s good health.

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