Veterinary services

Pet Preventative Veterinary Medicine/ Vaccinations

To maintain your pet’s health and happiness at their optimal levels we recommend regular visits to your veterinarian for examinations.

Pet Preventative Veterinary Medicine / Vaccinations

At Beach Park Animal Clinic, in Tampa, FL, our veterinarians recommend yearly examinations for pets age 6 and below and twice yearly for those 7 and above. These regular visits will help us keep your pet healthy by early detection of many diseases making treatment much easier in most cases.

Proper vaccinations based on your pet’s lifestyle are provided by our Tampa vets. Certain core vaccines are recommended for all pets, while other vaccinations are offered based on your pet’s risk. Our veterinary staff will discuss what vaccinations your pet needs based on their lifestyle.

Yearly testing for parasites is another aspect of your pet’s veterinary healthcare maintenance. For our canine patients, we regularly test for heartworm disease and do an intestinal parasite screen as part of their yearly visit. Once again, our veterinarian will discuss and recommend the proper testing for your pet.

Contact our veterinary hospital in Tampa to schedule your pet’s exam and help them maintain a happy, healthy life.