Veterinary services in Tampa – Canine massage

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Do you enjoy a massage every once and awhile?  We all know how relaxing they can be and therapeutic as well.  Many health benefits have been documented on the human side and in veterinary medicine, we are seeing many of the same benefits.

Through advances in veterinary medicine and more preventative programs, our pet population is becoming older.  Due to this fact, our animal hospital in Tampa have been dealing with more and more conditions related to arthritis, back pain, etc.  Many newer options have been introduced over the years to help make our pets more comfortable from these conditions.  Medication has always been a cornerstone of treatment but as with humans, chronic administration of medicines can lead to wear and tear on the internal organs.  Trying to find alternatives to help our pets has been a big area of research in the veterinary community.  Some of the options include joint supplements, laser therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy.  Massage therapy is a non invasive, inexpensive way to help our pets maintain good range of motion as well as alleviate some of the aches and pains of growing older.

We now have access to a certified canine massage therapist who will perform her services right at our office.  I see this as being a positive addition to our arsenal of treatments for the arthritic dogs.  Our veterinarians in Tampa FL can now offer more treatment options to help maintain a high quality of life for our canine companions.  If you are interested in this new service, please contact us at 813-289-3925 for more information.

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