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By May 31, 2015 January 16th, 2017 Blog, veterinary pet insurance

In today’s society, we are all familiar with health insurance.  Discussions are all around us about the benefits of having it and how it will ultimately lead to healthier humans.  Did you know that there are many companies offering pet insurance?  The fact is more and more companies are establishing veterinary insurance and unfortunately not many people are taking advantage of it.  Our veterinary hospital in Tampa has been working with a few of these companies for many years now and our clients and their pets who do have policies benefit from them on a regular basis.

Veterinary health insurance is not like human health insurance.  In fact it is more like car insurance in the way that policies are designed and utilized.  All companies are different but in general, you purchase a policy and decide what level of coverage you want.  Basic policies cover emergency and sick visits while the extended policies also may include preventative items and medications. Each company structures their offerings differently so look around at the plans each offers and compare them.  Our veterinarians in Tampa have no affiliation with any particular company and can help you with any of your insurance claims.  We will be more than happy to help fill out the forms and send any requested information whenever needed.  The system works by paying for your services at the animal hospital the day they were performed and then submitting your claim form for reimbursement to your insurance company.  Of all the claims we have been involved with, the huge majority have been resolved rapidly and without any arguments.

Having an insurance policy for your pet will allow you  to provide the best possible veterinary care.  The safety net that they provide truly comes in handy when our dogs an cats get sick or get injured and need more involved diagnostics and treatments.  As stated before, a lot of these policies also provide for preventative care which is a sure fire way to keep your furry family members happy and healthy for a very long time.  Which is our veterinarians goal.

There are a lot of aspects to the veterinary pet insurance market and if you have any questions, please contact our veterinary hospital in Tampa for more information.  We do have a 2 page chart available highlighting a few of the major players in the pet health insurance market which will help you begin your research into the pet health insurance market.

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