Tips for a stress free cat visit

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Pet travel tips from a Tampa veterinarian

For many cats, a trip to our Tampa veterinarians is a fun time but there are some that do get nervous from a visit.  Our staff’s goal is to help get them all as relaxed as possible.  For those who find the ordeal stressful, we have some helpful hints to hopefully make the next trip to our animal clinic as stress free as possible.

 Since cats tend to be more comfortable at home, with relatively minor distractions and dangers, visiting the vet can be nerve racking.  The car ride, new smells, other animals and people all make up the stressors.  Our veterinary staff understands your cat’s anxiety and will do everything it can to make your feline family member relax.  One of the ways we do this is provide a separate waiting room for our cat visitors and try not to make our patients wait to long.  Nobody likes to wait at the doctors office, right?  

Beginning at home, you can make your cat’s trip into the world a much calmer experience.  This starts with getting them used to being in a carrier.  Putting the carrier out a few days before the visit will help get them used to it.  Sometimes placing treats or toys in there will also make them more relaxed about the carrier.  Whatever it takes, getting your pet used to being in a carrier will make for a less stressful, safer visit to the clinic.

The ideal carrier is strong, lightweight and waterproof, with a large opening to allow easy access to the cat, and an easy-to-remove top with ‘quick release’ fasteners. If you have a carrier with a removable top, your cat may be able to remain nestled in the bottom of the carrier while your veterinarian performs some parts of the routine physical examination. And if your cat needs to stay in the hospital for any reason, the bottom part of the carrier can be put into the hospital cage to provide a familiar and comforting bed.

Whatever you choose for a carrier, you should put a towel or blanket in the bottom, both to provide a comfortable place to sit or lie down, and to soak up any fluids in case she has an accident on the way to the animal clinic. It may be wise to take along a spare blanket and a plastic bag for any soiled bedding, just in case!

We strive to make your cat’s visit as stress free as possible.  Call our veterinary clinic in Tampa for additional tips about having a calm trip to the vet.

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