Holiday decorations and your pets

By November 27, 2015 January 16th, 2017 Blog, pets and holiday decorations

It looks like we made it through another Thanksgiving and Christmas / New Years is right around the corner.  Most people love to decorate around this time of year and although it makes things look very nice and peaceful, all the shiny items can be very alluring for your pet.  There are many items that can be very dangerous for your dogs or cats so be careful and keep a good eye on your 4 legged family members.

One of the potential hazards for primarily our cats is tinsel.  This attracts them very well and gives is great toy but if swallowed, can cause a very dangerous situation called a linear foreign body.  Our vets in Tampa have seen many cases over the year and these can be life threatening.  As the string / tinsel starts to pass through the intestines, it can get hung up in the upper GI tract.  When the body tries to pass it, it cuts through the bowel and creates an abdominal infection.  These cases are sometimes difficult to diagnose since many of the items are not readily visible on an xray so looking for certain changes in the bowel pattern help make the diagnosis. Often, surgery is required to diagnose and treat these cases.

Other potential foreign bodies which our veterinarians in Tampa have seen are ornament hangers, small toys and jewelry.  Remember, our pets are occasionally so curious that they will swallow anything and around the holidays, decorations add to the list of things that will increase their curiosity.

We have already discussed the potential issues with feeding human foods to our pets so be careful what gets offered to them.  Gastrointestinal disruptions from dietary indiscretions are always on the rise during the holiday seasons.

Having a safe and happy holiday season includes protecting your pet from many things including decorations.  It is just like baby proofing your home.  A little extra vigilance can make a huge difference and give everyone a peaceful holiday season.

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