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Summer is certainly upon us and along with it are the fleas.  Have you had a tougher time battling these pesky parasites?  You are certainly not alone.  Our veterinary hospital in Tampa has been seeing more and more cases of flea related problems this year.  Personally, I think it is due to the very short, mild winter we had.  The bad news is the problem is here to stay but the good news is there are many different products today that can help prevent fleas from being an issue on your pet.

Since we live in a warm climate, fleas are going to be a problem.  The best way to help handle them is to take a proactive approach.  First, maintain all of your pets on a monthly preventative.  The key word in that last sentence is preventative.  Although all of the flea control products that our animal clinic stocks are effective, they will not work as well as flea treatments. Meaning, once an outbreak has occurred, they alone will not take care of the problem.  In order to stay ahead of fleas, it is also important to treat your pet’s environment.  This includes areas where they like to hang out and sleep as well as outdoors.  Even though your pet may be on proper preventatives, your neighbor’s pet may not and don’t forget about the wildlife that travels through your yard at night.  They can carry fleas and be a source of reinfection for your pet.

To help you select the right product for your pet and it’s lifestyle, our Tampa veterinary staff  will ask you a few questions and make an appropriate recommendation.  Currently with have many topical products as well as some newer oral flea controls.  No flea control product is perfect for every pet and we can help you decide what should work best.

In summary, our veterinarians recommend monthly flea control for all pets (Yes even indoor only ones).  Along with proper pet prevention, it is important to treat your environment.  Tampa is a hot spot for fleas and this year is looking like a problem so take a proactive approach and keep your pet healthy and flea free.  If you have any questions for our vets in Tampa, give us a call and we can get your questions answered.


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