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By August 15, 2016 January 16th, 2017 Blog, Finding a Veterinarian in Tampa
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One of the most stressful and important things a pet owner can do is try an find a new veterinarian for their beloved family pet.  As the bonds between pets and their guardians become stronger, this decision becomes more important to owners.  Whether is it getting a new pet, moving to a new town, or just trying out a new veterinarian, make sure to take your time and get as many references as possible because it will hopefully become a relationship that you continue for many years.  Our veterinary clinic in Tampa likes to maintain a very personable, client and pet focused environment and give our clients as much access to the veterinarians and staff as possible.

Communication is one of the most important things in any relationship and should be with your veterinarian.  Returning phone calls, answering any questions and spending enough time with you in the exam room are all important aspects of this relationship.  Our veterinarians always try to achieve these goals so our clients and patients receive the quality of care they deserve.

Familiarity with our patients plays a great part in the patient service experience.  This starts with being seen by the same veterinarian at every visit when possible.  Once our team gets to know your pet, it makes it easier to differentiate normal from abnormal behavior when they aren’t feeling well.  Our veterinarians think that this is one of the most important things because it can sometimes allow them to make a diagnosis quicker.  We all know when our pets “aren’t acting right” and the better your veterinarian knows your pet, the easier it is for them to detect early changes in behavior and health.  Many animal clinics in the Tampa area have 4 or more veterinarians working there and that can make it difficult to see the same one at every visit.

Keeping up to date with technology and new veterinary medical advances is important in a veterinary clinic.  This doesn’t mean always jumping on the band wagon when new products come out but means monitoring new ideas and making sure they will be beneficial to your pet’s health before instituting them in practice.  The advancements of veterinary medicine are coming at a rapid pace these days and it is important to separate good medicine from good marketing.

Don’t ever hesitate to call our veterinary team in Tampa to ask questions about your pet’s health. We are here to help!




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  • I appreciate your tip on how a good animal clinic will be familiar with their patients. I would imagine that a good vet would take the time to get to know the animals they care for. My husband and I are looking for somewhere to take our dog in case of an emergency so we’ll have to consider how familiar they are with the animals they care for.

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