Ear infections in your dog or cat

By October 19, 2015 January 16th, 2017 Blog, dog and cat ear infections

One of the most common things our vets in Tampa see in our dog and cat patients is external ear problems.  Symptoms can be subtle at first but as the irritation and infection grows, this causes a very painful condition for our pets.  Getting them in during the early stages of an issue will give them the relief they deserve as well as possibly preventing chronic conditions.

The most common symptom of an ear infection is rubbing or scratching at the ears.  This occurs as the inflammation of the condition / infection causes the ear canal to get red and sore.  As this progresses, the pets tend to continue to scratch at their ears making them even more sore and inflamed.  There are many causes of ear inflammation including allergies, bacterial infection and yeast infections.  Having your pet examined will allow the veterinarian to make a proper diagnosis and come up with a treatment plan for your pet’s specific problem.  Sometimes, in order to reach a proper diagnosis, additional testing is required such as ear cytology (to determine what type of infection is occurring) or culture and sensitivity (to identify the type of bacteria and the proper antibiotics needed).  Our veterinarians in Tampa will work with you to come up with the best, most efficient treatment plan to give your pet the relief from this painful condition.

Treatment for external ear infections generally consists of topical medications applied to the ear canals along with proper cleaning techniques.  For some of the more painful, heavy duty infections, oral antibiotics and steroids are also prescribed.  Some of these ear infections are difficult to treat and may require chronic, lifelong therapy to keep symptoms under control.  Working with your veterinarian, the huge majority of these can be controlled medically but sometimes require surgical intervention for proper control.

As with most veterinary issues, early detection and treatment are essential to good control of ear infections.  Our animal hospital in Tampa sees many of these cases over the year and can help you give your dog or cat the rapid relief from this painful condition.


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