Beginning of year pet care tips

By January 5, 2016 January 16th, 2017 Blog, veterinary preventative care

The beginning of the year is here and it is time to go over our new years resolutions.  We are always thinking about our own health but make sure to think about our furry family members health as well.  These guys are good at hiding symptoms and age at a greater rate than humans so keeping a closer watch is important.  Early detection is even more important when it comes to our pets as well as preventative medicine.  Our veterinarians in Tampa are firm believers in preventative veterinary medicine and want to make sure your pet is as healthy as possible.  By following a few steps, you can make an extremely positive impact on your dog or cat’s health and longevity.

First, having your pet examined on a regular basis is the cornerstone to a long life.  Our dogs and cats are extremely good at hiding symptoms until late in the disease course.  Doing routine lab work can detect many diseases before your pet becomes clinical which will give us a better chance of slowing the disease process.  In some cases like early diabetes, this will give our veterinarians in Tampa the opportunity to make some lifestyle changes and possibly reverse the illness without having to go on medication.  Once again, our goal is to give your pet the longest, healthiest life possible.

Another important aspect of pet healthcare is oral health.  This is often overlooked until the dreaded “bad breath” is apparent but by keeping the mouth clean, you are helping the rest of the body stay healthy.  The large amounts of bacteria from the mouth can cause serious infections throughout the body as well as gum disease and bone infections of the jaw.  Regular cleanings, at home brushing and oral exams will help prevent such problems.  Our Tampa animal hospital performs many cleanings  a year and knows that getting one done early will be both beneficial to your pet as well as to your wallet.

Proper preventatives and vaccinations are also needed to keep your pet healthy.  These are based upon your pet’s lifestyle.  Our vets in Tampa will be happy to help you make the right decision for your pet.

Taking a few simple steps will give your pet the long and happy life that you want.  Our Tampa animal clinic stresses the importance of these preventative steps and has seen many cases where they have extended a pet’s life.  If you ever have any questions, check out our website and pet health section at

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