Year round heartworm prevention needed in Tampa

By August 10, 2015 January 16th, 2017 Blog, Heart worm prevention

To continue with our rainy weather theme theme, mosquitoes are going to be a bigger than usual problem do to all the standing water present after our recent weather.  This is the major reason that our veterinarians in Tampa are stressing the importance of year round heart worm preventatives.  Keeping your pet free from this extremely preventable disease will lead to a much healthier life for your dogs and cats.

Once again, we live in a wonderful place but there are drawbacks including our huge mosquito population year round.  Recently, with all the extra water, we are bracing for an explosion in our mosquito population which could lead to an increase in heart worm cases in the area. This used to be a very common disease in our dog patients but with great testing and prevention, the number of cases has decreased dramatically. Some of the symptoms could include lethargy, coughing, difficulty breathing and abdominal distention due to cardiac disease.  Mosquitoes are the primary way that heart worm infection is transmitted from dog to dog so let’s make sure that we don’t miss any doses of our monthly preventatives.  If your pet is not currently on one, our veterinary clinic in Tampa carries many different options and will be more than happy to help you make the proper selection.  There are many different effective options out there to help control this preventable disease.  It is a lot less expensive and safer for your pet to prevent this disease than to treat an infected pet.

And don’t forget about our cat patients, they can get heart worm infection as well.  Based on recent research, feline heart worm disease is a lot more prevalent than was once thought.  Symptoms often mimic asthma so it is hard to diagnose these infected animals.  Like dogs, there is a test that can be done to help diagnose heart worm disease in cats as well as a couple of preventatives to keep them healthy.  Our Tampa veterinarians recommend monthly heartworm prevention for all of their outdoor feline patients.

Keeping your pet healthy is the goal at our veterinary clinic in Tampa FL.  By using providing proper preventative medicine and using appropriate monthly preventatives, our veterinarians can help you give your dog or cat a long, happy, healthy life.  As always, if you have any questions, give us a call and our staff will help you out.  For more information about heart worm disease click here and enter heart worm in the search box

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