Winter pet tips

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Even though our veterinary clinic is in Tampa FL, we still experience a short amount of colder weather.  Granted it’s not that bad to those who are used to winter up north but live down here for a couple of years and you will soon realize it’s gets cold down here.  A few short tips will help keep your furry family members warm as safe during our winter season.

Generally, the smaller pets will be the most affected by the cold spells.  Since they do not have as much body fat, it is harder to stay warm.  One of the best ways to help keep them toasty is to buy a sweater or jacket.  Many different companies make dog clothing so you can find anything from plain to designer outfits.  The main thing is to keep as much of the body covered for heat retention.  Another section of our pet population that would benefit from warming clothes are the arthritic crowd.  Keeping their joints warm on a cold Tampa morning will help them stay more comfortable.

For our outdoor pets, our Tampa veterinarians recommends moving them indoors whenever possible during our colder weather.  Very rarely does it get below freezing, but after a few of our cold fronts, it is cold enough to be dangerous to our pets.  If it is not feasible to bring them indoors, make sure you build a shelter where they cant huddle up to stay out of the wind and cold.

Fortunately, our veterinary hospital doesn’t have to deal with many cold days but when we do, it is important to make sure our pets are protected.  These are a couple of basic tips to help keep our furry guys warm.  As always, if you have any questions about this topic, or any other, contact our clinic!

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