Wet weather veterinary tips for Tampa

By August 3, 2015 January 16th, 2017 Blog, pet wet weather tips

Having a veterinary clinic in Tampa FL comes with many benefits but lately the rain has really been causing some problems.  Although it may seem like something fun for our pets, all the extra standing water can actually have many negative health benefits and should be avoided.  Below we will go over a couple of the possible issues with the extra water.

Our Tampa veterinarians have been seeing and increased number of gastrointestinal cases recently which could be due to all the extra water.  Many of our pets will drink from puddles and could pick up intestinal parasites this way.  The number one cause of diarrhea we are seeing at our animal hospital in Tampa right now is giardia.  This parasite can cause vomiting and diarrhea in your pets and when clinical symptoms occur, requires veterinary medical attention.  Usually, a course of oral medication will clear things up but with all the wet weather, repeating treatment or more aggressive therapies may be required.

Fortunately, our animal clinic in Tampa is located on a little higher ground so flooding isn’t a major problem but all around us the water levels are very high.  Street flooding and overworked storm drains are all causing unusually high water which can cause wash out of potential toxins for our pets.  Once again, if your pets drink this water, they could be exposed to some chemicals that may make them ill.

Lastly, avoiding high water areas, canals, and rivers will keep your pet safe.  There are numerous canals around our animal clinic in Tampa and with all the water, stronger currents may be present.  Also, unseen hazards may be underwater.  Keeping your pet away from the unknown water hazards is an important step to keeping them safe.

These are only a couple of the potential problems with all this rain lately.  Hopefully it will finally let up and we can get back to the sunny summer weather we are accustomed to at our veterinary clinic in Tampa.  In the mean time, stay dry and keep your pets safe.  If you have any questions for our veterinary staff, do not hesitate to call.

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