Veterinary services – Tampa – Odor and scooting in your pets

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Our pets give us many wonderful things but occasionally, they can dish out some not so pleasant items.  Have you ever been sitting there and noticed a particularly strong odor coming from the rear end of your dog? Or sat there and watched them scoot across the floor on their bottoms?  Although there are many potential causes, one of the most common ones that we see at our veterinary hospital in Tampa is impacted anal glands.

Our domesticated animals have 2 glands around their rectum that produce a very pungent smelling material.  Originally thought to be used for scent marking, all they do for our veterinary patients is make for irritation and odors.  Most dogs and cats have no issues with their glands but those that do have serious irritation and sometimes develop infections.  Some dogs and cats do have to have these glands expressed by veterinary professionals (not all groomers do an adequate job).  For those that have to seek medical attention from their veterinarian, there is usually a very painful infection which if left untreated, can cause the gland to rupture.  Our veterinarians in Tampa see cases involving anal glands on a regular basis and proper treatment is a must to prevent long term issues.

If you see your pet doing the butt scoot, then maybe they are having some issues with these glands.  If in Tampa, contact our veterinary hospital at 813-289-3925 and we can help you get your pet feeling good again and eliminate the discomfort and odor associated with these glands.

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