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February is National Pet Dental Health Month and we would like to stress the importance of a clean mouth to your pet’s health.  At our animal hosptital in Tampa, our veterinarians see many cases of severe oral health issues that could have been easily controlled with simple preventative measures.  Routine dental cleanings and routine at home care are the essential parts of an oral health maintenance program.  At your pet’s yearly examinations, our veterinarians perform an oral exam to determine if your pet needs a cleaning. If so, it is important to schedule it as soon as possible to maintain a healthy mouth.

At our animal hospital in Tampa, dental cleanings consist of preanesthetic blood work, sedation / anesthesia, and complete ultrasonic scaling / polishing.  Having your pet sedated is an important part of the process so our veterinary staff can properly clean all of the tooth surfaces.  Once cleaned, home dental care is required to keep their mouths as plaque free as possible between cleanings.

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