Veterinary services in Tampa FL – Holiday treats and your pets

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We are now entering the season when people are getting together more.  This usually includes lots of home cooked meal and treats.  Remember that our dog and cat housemates also enjoy these treats but they can make them sick.  This time of year, our veterinarians in Tampa begin to see more cases of food related illnesses.  Luckily most are easily treated but occasionally, there can be much more severe cases.

Pancreatitis is a condition where your body leaks digestive enzymes into the abdomen.  Normally the pancreas has defense mechanisms to prevent this but when these break down, animals can get very sick.  One of the major causes is dietary intolerance or indiscretions (ie eating foods they are not supposed to).  This is an important reason to keep your pet away from the holiday treats.  Symptoms of pancreatitis can include vomiting, decreased appetite, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.  Our veterinarians can treat your pet in a wide range of ways depending on the severity of symptoms.  Sometimes it can involve outpatient treatment while other cases will have to stay at our animal hospital for more aggresive treatment such as IV fluids.

If your pet gets into any unusual food this season, and begins to exhibit any of the symptoms above, contact your local veterinarian as soon as you can.  If you happen to live in the Tampa FL area, contact us at 813-289-3925 and let our veterinarians get your pet feeling good again.  Generally, the quicker your pet is treated, the better, faster their response.

Have a happy and safe holiday season from Beach Park Animal Clinic – veterinary services in Tampa FL

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