Veterinary services in Tampa FL – Healthy pets through regular preventatives

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In order to maintain optimal health for our pets, it is extremely important to prevent as many problems as possible.  Two of the most effective and sometimes overlooked preventatives we have right now are heartworm and flea / tick preventatives.  At our veterinary clinic in Tampa FL, we recommend monthly, year round preventatives.  Already this year, our veterinarians in Tampa are seeing an increase in cases of flea related disease (anemia, skin disease, etc).  Some of our clients don’t see fleas on their pets for a month and believe that the preventatives have worked and become lax in applying the next month.  This is a huge mistake and often leads up to an outbreak, which is extremely hard to recover from.  Certainly harder than using a monthly preventative.

Heartworms is another easily prevented, but expensive to treat, condition that we have seen at our animal hospital in Tampa.  Being spread through mosquito bites, this is something that we certainly have in Tampa Florida.  Most of the monthly heartworm preventatives on the market today also will help protect your pet against intestinal parasites as well. Another bonus for keeping them on their monthly preventatives!

Our veterinary clinic in Tampa offers many different forms of heartworm and flea / tick preventatives.  Our veterinarians in Tampa will help you decide on which ones are the best based on your pet’s lifestyle.  Give us a call for further information about monthly preventatives at 813-289-3925.


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