Veterinary dental health extends your pet’s life

By August 17, 2015 January 16th, 2017 Blog, veterinary dentistry

If you are trying to give your pet a long, happy, healthy life, there are many things that you can do.  Proper nutrition, exercise, regular examinations with your veterinarian, proper vaccinations and preventatives are all on the list but something that is often overlooked is dental health.  Your pet’s oral health is one of the things that you as a pet owner can have a lot of control over and help your pet live a healthier life.  During your pet’s visit our veterinarian will examine their mouth to assess for any dental disease.

Our Tampa veterinarians believe that good oral care for your pets is extremely important.  As with humans, bad oral health is linked to many other systemic illnesses.  Besides bad breath, your pet may experience problems from kidney disease or heart valve infections stemming from the increased amounts of bacteria in their mouth which end up circulating through their bloodstream.  Along with these systemic diseases, your pet may experience gingivitis and tooth decay which could lead to bone loss from untreated oral infections.  Our dogs and cats don’t often show major symptoms of oral disease until late in the process so watch out for minor things such as decreasing appetite or favoring one side of their mouth over the other.  Symptoms may be subtle so if something just doesn’t look right, get your pet examined right away so things can be dealt with in the early stages.

Proper veterinary oral health care starts at home with you, the pet owner / guardian.  Regular tooth brushing is the gold standard for keeping your dog’s or cat’s mouth clean.  Current recommendations are to do tooth brushing on a daily basis but at our Tampa veterinary clinic, we know that this is not always feasible so our recommendation is to try once or twice weekly.  For a demonstration of how to properly brush your pet’s teeth, go to and click on the pet health tab.  There you can find videos on how to keep your pet’s teeth clean at home.  As stated earlier, an oral exam is performed by our veterinarian during your pet’s preventative exam. Based on these exam findings, a treatment plan will be made to get their mouth back in shape.  This plan can include increased home dental care or a professional cleaning (just like you get at your dentist) to get things clean and healthy.  If a cleaning is recommended, this can be performed at our veterinary clinic in Tampa.  We perform hundreds of these procedures yearly and take great pride in helping keep your pet’s mouth clean and therefore provide them with a healthier life.  For more information about veterinary dental care, go to

In summary, keeping your pet’s mouth healthy is one of the things that our Tampa veterinarians are constantly stressing.  Whether it is by increasing home care or performing a complete, professional dental cleaning we can work with you, the pet owner, to give your dog or cat a longer, healthier life.

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