Veterinarian in Tampa FL – Beach Park Animal Clinic – importance of year round heartworm prevention

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One of the most preventable diseases that we see in our veterinary clinic in Tampa FL is heartworm disease.  This infectious disease is transmitted from one pet to another through mosquitos.  Since we live in one of the best environments for these pesky creatures, it is essential that dogs (and cats that live outside) be on a monthly preventative year round.  Even in northern states, which have historically only used preventatives during warm months, a year round preventative protocol is recommened by the American Heartworm Society.

Infection begins when an mosquito bites an infected dog and transmits microfilaria (baby worms) to a new host.  These baby worms mature and develop into adult worms in the heart that then can cause dramatic cardiopulmonary disease.  There is an effective treatment for heartworm disease but the prevention is much safer and cost effective for the pet and owner.  For more information, contact our animal clinic in Tampa.

Our veterinarians in Tampa have many options for heartworm prevention that can be tailored to fit your pet’s lifestyle.  Contact us at 813-289-3925 for additional information or if you have any other questions.

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