Tips for identifying your pet from our Tampa veterinarians

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A lost pet is something that scares every owner.  Over the past few months, our veterinary clinic has returned many pets to their homes because they had their animals micro chipped.  This is currently the best method for permanently identifying your pet in case of emergency.

A microchip is a rice sized implant that is easily placed underneath your pet’s skin and can only be removed surgically.  It can be done as an inpatient procedure, most of the time without any sedation / anesthesia.  The chip has a number which is registered to you and your pet.  If a lost pet is found, a scanner is passed over them to recover the number and the owner is called to pick up their pet.  Just that simple.

There are more traditional methods for pet I.D. such as collars, tags and tattoos but none  as good as a microchip.  Our animal clinic in Tampa recommends chipping every pet to help keep them safe.  For any questions about this or any other veterinary topic contact us at 813-289-3925 or [email protected]

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