Tips for early detection from our veterinarians in Tampa

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Early detection is a common theme in human medicine.  Our pets are no different.  In fact, it is even more important in veterinary medicine because dogs and cats can’t always speak up when there is something wrong.  We have seen many times a pet coming in for a life threatening ailment that if caught earlier, would have been a fairly simple thing to control and treat.

The current recommendations for routine examinations and lab work at our animal clinic in Tampa are as follows:

  1. Yearly comprehensive examinations for all dogs and cats under the age of 7.  For those 7 and above, we recommend twice yearly exams.
  2. Baseline / routine blood work and urinalysis an a yearly basis for those 5 and above.  More often if older or if there are any medical conditions being monitored
  3. Vaccinations based on your pet’s lifestyle.
  4. Monthly preventative including heart worm, flea and tick

Our veterinarians would much rather prevent illness if possible than to treat a critically ill pet.  Keeping up to date with vaccinations, preventatives and performing routine lab work to catch illnesses before they become symptomatic are essential steps to keeping your pet as happy and healthy as possible.  This way of performing veterinary medicine is extremely beneficial to both your pet and you (it will save money in the long term).

If you have any questions about preventative veterinary medical services in the Tampa area, please contact us at 813-289-3925.

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