Comprehensive Veterinary Examinations

Our vets in Tampa provide comprehensive examinations for your dogs and cats in order to diagnose and treat many illnesses.  Our veterinarians believe the physical exam is the cornerstone to diagnosing your pet’s illness.  Our exams include internal medicine, ophthalmology, neurology, cardiology, orthopedics and dermatology to name a few.  Most cases are diagnosed and treated at our clinic but we also have access to many excellent specialists if more advanced equipment /diagnostics are needed.  Our veterinarians in Tampa will provide you with the professional, personalized veterinary care your pet needs and the respect that you deserve.

We recommend yearly exams for pets up to 6 years old and twice yearly exams for pets over 6 years old.  These examinations are one of the most important aspect of your pet’s health and well being.  If you would like to schedule and appointment with our veterinarians in Tampa call 813-289-3925 or schedule an appointment online.