Senior veterinary care is extremely important

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How old are your pets and when was the last time they were examined?  The good news is that with all the advances in veterinary medicine and medications, our dogs and cats are living longer.  Our veterinary clinic in Tampa knows that with better, more proactive care, your pet can be one of those that enjoys a long, happy life.

The first thing that is required is proper, regular examinations.  Our veterinarians in Tampa recommend yearly exams (at a minimum) and twice yearly exams for dogs and cats 7 years and older.  Dogs and cats have adopted an incredible ability to hide many disease symptoms until late in the process.  A trait that they inherited from their ancestors (wild canines and the big cats).  This is a good thing when living in the wild when predators will seek out the weak, but not a good thing in domesticated animals when early detection is important for better treatment outcomes.  An example that is always given is in cats.  They will not show symptoms of renal disease until 75% of their kidney mass is not working!!!  (That is an incredible defense mechanism)  The good news is with regular examinations, your veterinarian can usually identify subtle changes and recommend the appropriate diagnostic plan to identify many problems early and therefore achieve better treatment outcomes.

As stated earlier, another important part of early detection of disease in your pet is blood work and other diagnostics.  Many times, evidence of disease can be identified in lab profiles before your dog or cat displays any major symptoms.  Our Tampa veterinarians recommend yearly lab work to try and detect these small issues before they become big ones.  As with human medicine, early detection usually leads to better treatment outcomes.  Over the past few years, our animal clinic has been strongly recommending yearly, preventative, lab work and has been able to catch many cases that would have been ignored until late into the disease process.  Examples of these diseases include diabetes, renal disease and thyroid disease.  All of these are better and easier to control when detected earlier.

In summary, having your pet regularly examined (even if it is an indoor only cat) will help them live a happier, healthier, longer life.  Advances in veterinary medicine are making detecting illnesses early an easier process so your pet can receive better, quicker care.  Our veterinarians in Tampa are always trying to find ways to deliver better patient care and give your pets a longer life.  With your help, we can take a proactive approach to their veterinary care and make a positive impact to their lifestyle.

If you have any questions about this topic, or any other canine or feline related topic, you can contact our veterinary staff in Tampa at 813-289-3925.

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