Regular Check Ups for Your Cat

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We at Beach Park Animal Clinic, a vet clinic in Tampa FL, are often asked “why should I bring my cat in since they are indoors and aren’t sick.” The short and simple answer is: cat’s are very good at hiding illness.

As part of their survival mechanism, cat’s generally do not show outward symptoms of illness until late in the disease process. A great example is kidney disease. They will not show symptoms until 75% of their kidney function is gone. This is why it is so important to perform regular exams and routine screening blood work to try and identify any abnormalities early when it is easier to treat and possibly prevent further damage.

Our veterinarians recommend that cat’s 7 years and younger be seen once a year for physical exam and appropriate vaccinations. Cat’s older that 7 should be seen twice a year for exams, and blood work at least once a year. This will help us catch any problems early making them easier to treat. Proper parasite prevention should always be used as well.

Remember, 1 year to a cat is approximately 5-7 years to us. A lot of changes can occur in that amount of time so make sure your vet is helping you keep your pet happy and healthy.

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