Our animal clinic in Tampa stocks many veterinary products for your pet’s health needs.  Our veterinarians select the best, most effective products for your dog or cat so we can work together to give them the long, happy life that they deserve.

The primary types of products that our Tampa veterinarians stock at our animal clinic are flea / tick preventatives and heart worm preventatives.  Both are extremely important in this environment (warm and humid) so make sure your pet is on a proper monthly preventative program.  For our cat patients, we currently stock in our animal clinic Revolution (monthly flea, intestinal parasite and heart worm prevention), Advantage (monthly flea prevention) and Frontline (monthly flea and tick prevention).  For our dog patients, we have Heartgard (monthly heart worm and intestinal parasite prevention) Advantge (monthly flea prevention), Frontline (monthly flea and tick prevention), Trifexis (oral monthly heart worm and flea preventative) and Nexgard (oral monthly flea and tick preventative).  These are the preventative products that our veterinarians in Tampa have chosen to keep in the clinic but there are many other options on the market.  If you have a preference for one of the other products, ask out staff and we will be able to make arrangements for you to get the one you want.

We do stock other pet products such as joint supplements, vitamin supplements, medicated shampoos and dental cleaning supplies at our animal hospital in Tampa.  If there is a specific product that we don’t carry that you are interested in, do not hesitate to ask one of our veterinary staff and we will do our best to get it for you.