Problems from bad pet oral health

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Since we are in the middle of National Pet Dental Health month, we will continue our oral health care topic in this post.  Our veterinarians are big fans of keeping your pets mouth clean and will always try to achieve this goal, but what happens if we don’t stay on top of things?  Below, you will find a few things that can go wrong from having an unhealthy mouth.

First, bad breath.  No one wants to have their dog or cat near them if their breath can knock you over.  Actually, halitosis (ie. bad breath) is a symptom of oral infection.  Just like in people, if the plaque and bacteria continue to accumulate, then comes the bad breath.  Our veterinary staff in Tampa recommends regular tooth brushing to help prevent the early accumulation of tartar and bacteria.  The next time your in the clinic, ask for a demonstration on how to properly brush your pet’s teeth.  Most of our pet’s can be trained to at least tolerate the regular brushing.

The second major problem our veterinarians see with unchecked oral disease is tooth abscesses.  These can be an extremely painful thing for your pet and if left untreated can eventually lead to bone loss and bone infection.  Our furry family members usually won’t just tell us that their mouth is hurting.  Many of these guys will not eat as much or act lethargic.  Very subtle symptoms can be an indication of serious dental problems.  At our Tampa veterinary clinic, we have seen many cases where owners report how much more energy and how much better their pet feels after a cleaning or treatment of an infected tooth.  Remember, dogs and cats aren’t huge complainers and need our help staying on top of their health.

The third major problem that can arise from untreated oral disease has to do with your pet’s internal organs.  That bacteria in your pet’s mouth doesn’t just stay in the mouth but actually travels throughout the body in the bloodstream.  This can lead to liver, kidney and heart valve infections for your pet.  Oral disease is truly a systemic problem, not just staying in their mouth.  This is one of the many reasons, our veterinarians recommend blood work when performing your pet’s oral assessment and cleaning.

In conclusion, having bad oral health can lead to bad overall health for your pet.  This is one thing that you as a pet owner can have a dramatic positive influence on for your dog or cat.  Our veterinary staff in Tampa is always here to help you keep your pet on the right path to healthy mouth.  We can be contacted at 813-289-3925 or [email protected]


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