Preventative exams and lab work

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Keeping your pet healthy is a lot harder than most people think.  There are a lot of basic steps to doing this including exercise and proper nutrition, but regular visits to the veterinarian plays a huge part of your pet’s health.  Our dogs and cats have inherited the ability to hide many illnesses from their ancestors (the wolves and big cats) and therefore don’t show signs of sickness until very late in the disease process.  Veterinarians are trained to pick up on early signs of illness through examinations and lab work so they can catch many illnesses early and make them easier to treat an control.

The Beach Park veterinary team recommends annual examinations for dogs and cats that are up to 7 years old and twice yearly exams for those older than 7.  Think about it, one year to your pet is equal to about 5-7 years for us.  A lot can happen in that amount of time therefore having your pet examined regularly is extremely important.  Our veterinarians regularly detect kidney disease, liver disease, thyroid disease, and diabetes in early stages when we perform screening lab work.  If caught before your pet is acting sick, treating the disease process usually is easier and less expensive and has a better treatment outcome.  Just as in human medicine, early detection usually leads to better outcomes.  Once again, this is even more important for our pets because they are masters of hiding symptoms!

Many cases in the past year have been seen by our Tampa veterinarians for severe illnesses that could have been prevented by routine exams.  In the long run, this will save you, as a pet owner, money and help your pet live a longer, happier life.  Two things that we all want.  If you have any questions for our veterinary staff in Tampa about this topic, or any other, contact us at 813-289-3925 or [email protected]

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