October is Dental Health month

October is Veterinary dental health month at Beach Park Animal Clinic


Our vets in Tampa believe that a healthy mouth is one of the cornerstones of a long, healthy life for your pets.  To help keep your furry family members mouths clean, our veterinary clinic will be offering a 15% Dental Compliance Discount on dental cleanings for the month of October.  Take advantage of this offer and schedule your pet’s complete dental cleaning.  You can help them lead a long, happy, healthy life!!!  Click here to see some of our before and after photos from our dental procedures. The procedure for a full dental cleaning at our Tampa veterinary clinic is as follows:

  • pre-anesthetic blood work which we run the morning of the procedure in our clinic’s laboratory. We require this to make sure your pet is able to process the sedation required.
  • sedation.  Required for achieving a proper cleaning.  We use a combination of both injectable and inhalation anesthetics for a safe balanced experience.
  • complete oral exam.  Since your pet is sedated for this procedure, this allows us to thoroughly evaluate all of the oral cavity (ie. oral cancer screenings) as well as evaluate all tooth surfaces.
  • Ultrasonic scaling of all tooth surfaces.  This is the same procedure we all get at our dentist.
  • Polish of all tooth surfaces.  Extremely important step after a cleaning.  This leaves a smooth surface which makes it harder for plaque to adhere.
  • Fluoride treatment

Once complete, you will receive a printed, color dental report card with before and after pictures as well as any instructions for home care. Due to the amount of gingivitis usually present with our patients, oral antibiotics are usually sent home as part of the post dental treatment plan.