New years resolutions from Beach Park Animal Clinic in Tampa FL

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Happy new year from our veterinary staff at Beach Park Animal Clinic! We hope your next year is a happy, healthy one for both you and your pets.

We all begin the new year with resolutions for ourselves, but what about our pets?  Why not set some for them as well?  Many of the same things that humans set up as resolutions can surely apply to our beloved pets.  Primarily when it comes to things about their health and well being.  Weight loss is a big one for many people. The facts show that many of our pets could also lose some pounds for the new year.  Canine and feline obesity is becoming a major issue and just like us, this can lead to many health problems.  The good news is the issue can be corrected fairly easily.  In many cases, 2 things can be done to get our pets to live a healthier life.  First, monitor what and how much food our dogs and cats are eating.  Get a measuring cup out and see how much food they are actually getting.  (Many times, you’ll be surprised that you are overfeeding them.)  By regulating the volume, you can regulate the amounts of calories they eating and get them to a healthy weight easier.  Also, the type of food you are feeding can make a difference.  We recommend feeding canned food over dry food because of the lower amount of carbohydrates in the canned food.  Our pets tend to burn fat and protein better. Just like us, the better the diet, the healthier life our pets will lead.

The second major component to getting your pet to a healthier life is activity.  Getting our pets moving, just like us, will get them to lose weight.  Being veterinarians in Tampa most days we have the opportunity to get outside and enjoy a walk or run.  It doesn’t have to be hours a day, 15 – 20 minutes a day can make a huge difference in your pets health.  Another good thing that will come from this is creating a positive bonding experience with your pet.  For the cat households, finding interactive toys that will get them moving is the way to go.  These can range from laser pointers to remote control mice.  Whatever it takes!

These are just a couple hints to get your dog or cat back on track for a healthier new year.  Just like the human side, a little activity and monitoring food intake can go a long way for our dogs and cats.  It is probably even more important for them since they naturally have the tendency to hide illness and won’t show symptoms for many diseases until late in the process.  This is why it is very important to have your pets examined by your veterinarian at least yearly to try and catch early signs of illness so they can be dealt with before a major problem occurs.  Our veterinarians in Tampa recommend these yearly exams for pets up to 7 years old and then twice yearly for those older than 7.  Our goal is to help your pets live a long, happy, healthy life!

Once again, happy new year and as always, if you have any veterinary questions about your dog or cat in Tampa, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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