New Years resolutions for your dogs and cats

By January 5, 2017 January 16th, 2017 Blog

The new year is here and we all have new resolutions to start the year.  Weight loss, getting better organized, and getting back in shape are a few favorites for us humans but what about for our pets?  Even though they can’t voice their want for a new years resolution, they still can benefit with a little help from their parents.  Below, our Tampa veterinarians have shared a couple of important things that will help your pet have a great, healthier new year.

1)Increased exercise and weight control.  This one is just as important to dogs and cats as it is to us humans.  Many patients that we see at our Tampa veterinary clinic could drop a few pounds and with your help, this usually can be accomplished.  First, make sure you are not over feeding your pet.  The amount listed on the bag of food is generally to much and needs to be measured with an actual measuring cup to verify how much they are getting.  Many of us have a “scoop” and will be surprised at how much our guys are eating.  Next, exercise as much as possible. Getting your dog and cat moving will make a huge difference in their weight and also provide for some important bonding time with you.

If these tips are not achieving your goal, there may be some medical issues that your pet hasn’t been diagnosed with such as hypothyroid disease.  Never be afraid to contact your veterinarian for help on weight loss for your pet.  We are always here to help get your dog or cat to their optimal weight and keep them healthy for as long as possible.

2) Yearly veterinary exam and preventatives.  When was the last time your dog or cat has been seen by a veterinarian?  Our Tampa veterinarians recommend yearly visits for pets younger that 7 years and twice yearly for those older than 7.  Since our pets age faster than humans and are good at hiding symptoms of diseases, these exams are extremely important.  Having a veterinarian get to see your pet allows them to find subtle changes that, if caught early, can be treated with out major issues and before your pet is extremely sick.  Sometimes bloodwork is used to help identify these changes.  Having this done yearly in our middle age patients has allowed our Tampa animal clinic catch many illnesses before they severely affect your pet.

Making sure your dog and cat are on their monthly parasite preventatives also will help keep them healthy.  If they have been off for an extended time, contact your veterinarian and get help re establishing your monthly routine.


By making these hints your pet’s new years resolutions, you can be an active participant in giving them a longer, healthier life.  As always, if you have any questions, contact our veterinarians in Tampa and they will be happy to help you out.

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