New puppy visit to the veterinarian

By April 14, 2017 new puppy visit
Millie, a white dog with beige ear at Beach Park Animal Clinic

One of the most exciting time you can have is getting a new puppy.  It’s a new beginning and can be very challenging so make sure you get started on the right foot.  Your first step down the right path should be a visit to your veterinarian so you can get good information about how your puppy is doing as well as what needs to be done to keep it safe and healthy.  Our veterinarians in Tampa recommend getting your new puppy looked at within a week of bringing it home.

The first puppy visit can set the tone for your dogs entire life.  Initially, an exam is performed to look for any issues that need to be addressed.  These can include congenital conditions, illness or improper vaccination / preventative schedules.  Our Tampa vets will take a look at previous records and help get your puppy on schedule with vaccinations and preventatives (heartworm and flea/tick).  Also, they will discuss correct nutrition and answer any questions about training and housebreaking.  Once we have a good plan, getting through the rest of puppy hood is easier.

Hopefully after your pups first visit, they are happy to go back for the next ones.  Making sure that your pet is comfortable at the veterinarians is extremely important and a cornerstone to putting them on the road to a happy and healthy life. Our Tampa veterinary clinic welcomes drop by visits in between appointments to get your puppy a little fun / treat time which will make the other visits involving vaccinations, less stressful.

After your visit, getting your house ready is the next focus.  Puppy proofing involves going through the house and finding anything your pet can get into that will cause harm .  This includes electrical cords, medications, improper toys, etc.  This is a never ending job and if you think you have done a good job, go back and look again….the puppy is great at finding things you have missed.  Actually this is never ending job so be vigilant.

As always, if you have any questions about this topic do not hesitate to contact our veterinarians in Tampa and get the information you need.

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