Micro chipping your pet. Advice from your Tampa veterinarian

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We have mentioned micro chipping your pet in previous blog posts but recently, our veterinary clinic in Tampa had a case that illustrates the importance of having one for your pet.  These chips provide a rapid way to identify your pet and get them home quickly.  Below is a story about our latest safe return because of a microchip:

Another Successful Reunion

The Importance of Microchipping Your Pet


Registering the Chip!

Last Friday afternoon at 5pm one of our clients was on her way to work when she saw a little dog trying to cross the very busy four lane MacDill Avenue during rush hour traffic.

The dog was a well groomed Bichon with little pink bows on her ears.  Our client picked her up and rushed her to our clinic to scan for a microchip.  The dog was indeed chipped.

We called the 24 hour monitored Microchip Registry and were given the name and number of the dog’s owner, who was shocked to hear her little dog, Lexie, had been missing.  She had left Lexie in the care of a friend, where she had escaped from the back yard just before she was, thankfully, found.

We were given the friend’s address and brought Lexie back to her home at 5:45pm.

In less than one hour Lexie had escaped, been rescued, identified by her microchip and returned to her rightful place.

As this story shows, having your pet micro chipped and registered is a really good way to protect your pet.  Our Tampa veterinarians recommend micro chipping all pets, but dogs especially since they are more likely to roam.  Help keep your pet safe and have them micro chipped!

If you have any questions about this topic or any other, contact our clinic.

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