Low Cost Spay / Neuter Clinics

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At Beach Park Animal Clinic, a vet clinic in Tampa FL, we believe in providing focused personalized attention to each of our patients. There are many things that we do to deliver this during our surgical procedures, especially our “routine” spays and neuters. These procedures, that the general public has been desensitized to, are still surgeries requiring proper patient preparation (exam, blood work), and focused, personal attention during surgery and recovery. Remember, a spay is actually a ovariohysterectomy (open abdominal surgery completely removing the uterus and ovaries) which human patients spend a few nights in the hospital from! Due to a lot of economic factors lately, there has been a rise in low cost, high volume spay / neuter clinics in the Tampa area with the loss of the personalized touch and proper patient care. We all have limited money to spend and many people believe that using one of these clinics is going to be a way to save a little money and don’t understand why their regular veterinarian charges a little more than the low cost clinic. One major factor for the decreased expense at these clinics is their funding. Many donations and grants are used to finance / subsidize their services for lower income people with pets. This is a great use of the funds, but few of the low cost / subsidized clinics do any means testing to verify that the clients fall into this category. (This seems to be a misuse of their funding and should be addressed so their donors are aware of it.) Below are some of the other things that factor in to why you may pay a little more at your vet but it is very much worth it.

  • Familiarity with your pet. Your vet builds a relationship with you and your pet, just like you do with your personal M.D. By observations over a few visits, many veterinarians can get a sense of any mild problems and are able to correct them before anesthesia for surgery or adjust protocols to handle them appropriately.
  • Thorough Pre-anesthetic lab-work. A very important aspect of any surgery requiring anesthesia. This is a way of monitoring how your pet’s internal organs can process the anesthesia. It is a great way of protecting your pet. We at Beach Park Animal Clinic have identified many abnormalities prior to anesthesia that may have become problematic during the procedures allowing us to make things as safe as possible. This is one of the things that often gets left out at the low cost, high volume clinics and can put your pet at risk.
  • Cardiopulmonary monitoring. Monitoring your pet’s blood pressure, body temperature, Oxygen saturation, and heart rate throughout anesthesia allows our veterinarians to react to any changes in these parameters before it causes any harm to your pet.
  • Focused, personalized attention. Many of the low cost clinics are also high volume. This does not allow the proper attention to be payed to each animal during each step of the procedure. We do not schedule more than 1 or 2 surgeries per day so we can stay focused on your pet. Once again, familiarity with your pet is very important. A lot of the personnel at the spay / neuter clinics are volunteers and not there on a regular basis therefore don’t know your pet like the staff at your regular veterinarian. Having a volunteer staff also is factor for some of the reduction of cost for those facilities.
  • Follow up. We believe that communication with our clients is extremely important, especially after surgery. Our clients are able to contact our veterinarians at anytime for questions or concerns if necessary. This is one of the most important things that you should get when you get established with a regular veterinarian.

These are just a few of the benefits to having your procedures done at your regular veterinarian. Your veterinarian is there for you and your pet at a moment’s notice and it is very important to support them with your business so they can continue to provide you with the high level of personalized veterinary care that you and your pet deserve.

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