Importance of knowing your pets from our veterinarians in Tampa

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Have you ever just looked at your pet and knew that they were sick? Whether it was being a little slower getting up or not eating in their normal fashion.  These little things can really tell you a lot when it comes to a potential medical condition.  One of the things that our entire veterinary staff in Tampa tries to do on a regular basis is get to know how your pet acts normally.  Granted, this may be very different at home versus at the animal hospital, but knowing what is normal behavior for your pet is extremely important.  Our veterinarians can pick up on many clues from just observing your pet when it enters the exam room.  A long term relationship with both client and pet gives us a better insight into how your pet is acting and what may be causing them not to feel well.  Since your pet can’t openly tell the veterinarian what is wrong, these little insights / clues will help guide them with their diagnostic and treatment plans making for a quicker, more efficient positive outcome for your pets.

As we stated earlier, our animal clinic in Tampa is a firm believer in getting to know how your pet acts when it is perfectly healthy.  Routine preventative exams are an ideal way to accomplish this.  Two main things are accomplished by these exams. First, we are establishing “normal” behavior baselines for your pets.  This gives us something to compare to when your pet is acting sick.  Once again, this gives our entire veterinary staff the time to get to know your dog or cat. The second thing that is accomplished with preventative exams is early detection.  As we all know, catching something early generally allows for better treatment outcome.  Running some lab work may be suggested at these visits for this very reason.

In summary, having a solid, long term relationship with your veterinarian and their staff will ultimately allow for better veterinary care for your pet.  Until the day pets can speak, we have to rely on their subtle behavior changes  to let us know when something is not right.  Our animal clinic in Tampa FL has always been focused on personalized, client and pet centered, veterinary medicine.  We believe that this is the only way your pet gets the care it deserves.

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