Importance of having your cat examined regularly

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Having your cats examined on a regular basis is an important part of helping them live a long life.  Even if your cat is strictly indoors, regular examinations are an important tool to help identify illnesses early and help your feline friend live as long as possible.  Our veterinarians in Tampa recommend yearly exams for those cats under 7 years old and twice yearly exam for those over 7 years. Over the years, our veterinary staff has heard many different reasons why people don’t bring in cats regularly and we would like to take a few moments to clear up some of the misconceptions.

  • My cat doesn’t go outside so he doesn’t need a regular exam.  Things like dental disease, renal disease, weight issues and arthritis are going to affect both indoor and outdoor cats.  Regular exams will let the veterinarian identify and treat illnesses earlier making it safer, easier and less expensive.
  • My cat doesn’t act sick so there is no need for an exam.  This is a very common theme and our vets in Tampa have seen many cases where an animal was doing great one day and severely ill the next. Cats are especially good at hiding symptoms until late in the disease process!!   Since we have been doing more preventative veterinary medicine (ie. regular examinations and regular blood work), our team has been able to identify many patients with illnesses that were acting clinically normal.   Our goal is to catch as many things early so they are easier to manage.
  • Taking my cat to the vet is stressful to them.  Over the years, our veterinary team in Tampa has come up with many ways to make traveling to the animal hospital less stressful.  Small things like treats during the ride and using a proper carrier can make the visit much less stressful.  Also, our vet clinic in Tampa offers a separate cat waiting room as well as exam room to help make the visit more enjoyable.

Remember, cats are wonderful at hiding many illnesses until late in the course of disease so having them seen regularly will allow our veterinarians to catch many things early.  Just like with us, early detection generally leads to better control.  Our Tampa veterinary team believes that preventative steps will allow your cat to live a longer, healthier life.  If you have any questions contact our team and we will be happy to help.

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