Holiday tips for pet safety

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The holiday season is in full effect for our tampa veterinarian team. Presents, decorations, parties, and wonderful food and treats.  All of these are wonderful for humans but can be potentially life threatening for your pets.  Taking a few minutes and a few precautions can make for a happy, SAFE holiday season for you and your pets.

Although we all like to see a nicely decorated house, many of these things can become items of curiosity for our pets.  Both dogs and cats love to play with new things (especially puppies and kittens) and it is our responsibility to puppy /kitten proof our houses.  One of the most dangerous things for cats can be the tinsel on our trees.  Once swallowed, it can potentially form a foreign body and become a hazard. By keeping tinsel, and other ornaments, away from our curious pets, we can avoid them from getting into serious trouble.  This process is very similar to baby proofing your house when you have a new infant at home.  Our animal hospital in Tampa sees a few cases a year of items that have been eaten that if stored / displayed in a proper manner, wouldn’t have been a problem.

One of my favorite things about the holidays is the food.  To many of our pets, everything that they see us eating, they should get a sample.  Unfortunately, many of the things that humans find delicious, can make our dogs and cats very ill.  The classic item that we get the most calls about is chocolate.  If your pet gets into any of your holiday goodies, make sure to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible to make sure your pet gets the proper treatment.  Other holiday treats may give your pet a serious case of an upset stomach, so it is best to keep your pets away from the holiday food items.

Holiday parties are another fun thing that can get our pets into trouble.  Not everyone is as careful about their animals as you.  Your guest should be told about not sneaking your pets any food or drink.  Both of these things can make your pet seriously ill and bring down your holiday spirits.  Sometimes it is best to isolate your pet during these events to prevent any overly generous guest from upsetting your pets stomach.  Once again, our animal clinic in Tampa treats many cases a year of “dietary indiscretion” that could have been easily avoided.

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season.  If you have any questions about this or any other veterinary topic, contact our veterinary clinic in Tampa and we will be happy to help out.


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