Holiday preparation for your pet

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Pet travel tips from a Tampa veterinarian

The year has flown by and now is the time many people are planning trips to see the family.  Always a busy time of year but with a little planning ahead, your pets don’t have to be part of the headache.  Whether you are taking your pet with you or having them spend some time at their favorite kennel, below are a few tips to help make the holiday season go smoothly.

First, those specific pets who get to travel with the owners….  If traveling by airplane, make sure that you check to see if a health certificate is necessary.  Many airlines do require one for interstate travel.  The process is easy and quick to get a health certificate so don’t get stuck at the airport without one.  This is one of the many questions you should ask you specific airline when booking your flight.  Also check into the appropriate sized carrier required by the airline.

For those staying at a kennel or with friends, as well as the airline travelers, making sure we are up to date with vaccinations and preventatives is paramount.  Once again, you don’t want to be surprised about overdue vaccines when your dropping your pet off.  Also, if they are on any medications, make sure you have plenty to get through their visit.  If you have any questions about your pet’s vaccine status or their medications, call your veterinarian and discuss them.

Our Tampa veterinary clinic only boards cats at this time so if you need a place for your feline family member over the holidays, please let us know.

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