Heartworm disease and cats

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Being a veterinarian in Tampa Florida, I know we have to live with many insects and one of the most prevalent here is mosquitos.  These can be a nuisance but also have the ability to transmit disease to both humans and your pets.  Being a small animal clinic, and seeing only dogs and cats, heartworms are the major disease that we have to deal with.  Many people know that dogs can get heartworms, but your feline family member can also become infected with them!

Symptoms and the disease process is much different in cats than it is in dogs.  Many cats are brought to a vet clinic because of coughing and diagnosed with conditions like asthma.  Some of these cases can be heartworm infection.

The good news is that there are good preventatives out there that can help keep your cat protected from heartworms as well as fleas and intestinal parasites.

We at Beach Park Animal Clinic, a veterinary clinic in Tampa / South Tampa FL, recommend any cat that spends any amount of time outdoors, be on a monthly preventative that protects him from heartworms.  We currently recommend  a topical product called Revolution.  If you have any questions about heartworm prevention and your cat, or any other topic, please contact us at 813-289-3925.

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