Halloween tips for your pets

By October 27, 2016 January 16th, 2017 Blog, Halloween safety tips

Halloween is rapidly approaching again and most of us enjoy the festivities.  The dressing up, candy, trick or treating all is exciting but can be stressful or even dangerous for our pets.  Here are some basic tips from our veterinarian is Tampa to help you and your pet make it through another Halloween night safely.

1) Make sure your pet doesn’t get into the kids candy.  Most dogs, and some cats, enjoy the sweet taste of candy.  Many things in these can be dangerous to our pets.  (ex. chocolate, artificial sweeteners)  Avoidance is the main thing to do, but if they end up getting into the candy basket, call your veterinarian ASAP.  Our animal hospital in Tampa gets a lot of calls this time of year for the accidental ingestion of chocolate and other candy.

2) Costumes can be fun but also scary / dangerous to your pets.  Many of our pets will allow them to dress them up but the ones that don’t like it, don’t push the subject.  This can stress them out or even endanger them if they try to tear the costume off.  Never leave a pet in a costume unsupervised!!

3) If your pet is sensitive to loud, abnormal noises, keep them isolated or kenneled for the evening.  All the people coming to the door can be a very stressful event for your pet and helping them stay calm will be much appreciated.

These types of holidays can be fun for both us and our pets as long as we all stay safe.  Since many things are going to be different during the Halloween holiday keep an extra watchful eye out for your furry family members and if they have a good costume, share the pictures with us.

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