Flea and heartworm preventatives in Tampa

By June 7, 2016 January 16th, 2017 Blog, summer parasites

There are many wonderful things to do with your pets in Tampa FL including warm weather, beaches, hiking and boating.  These outdoor activities are great but one of the things you need to do to protect your pet is have them on proper preventatives.  The warmer, humid climate we live in is also the perfect breeding ground for many parasites that can infect your dog or cat.  The good news is there are many options of safe, effective products that can keep them healthy.

Fleas are a common, aggressive pest that runs amok in the Tampa area.  Once again, they prefer the warm, humid environment and are breeding machines.  Lately, our Tampa veterinarians have been seeing a huge increase in flea related problems (ex. allergic skin disease and skin infections) at our animal clinic.  In order to prevent such a problem with our pets, use a preventative monthly.  Don’t stop if you aren’t seeing anymore fleas because these products are designed to prevent fleas, and are not the greatest at controlling a full blown outbreak on their own.  We currently have both topical and oral options and can help you figure out which one will work best for your dog or cat.  +++An important thing to remember about flea control, is you also need to treat your pet’s environment in order to keep the flea burden under control.

Our second year round problem is heart worms.  They are spread from pet to pet through mosquitoes and as we all know, they are a year round problem in the Tampa area.  The good news is there are many good preventatives on the market to keep make sure heart worms do not cause a problem in your dog or cat.  Even though this has been a traditionally dog related problem, our cat family members are at risk as well (especially the outdoor ones) and should be on a proper heart worm / flea medication.

Last, but certainly not least, are the intestinal parasites (hookworm, roundworms and whipworms).  These are generally more of a problem in younger pets and should be treated accordingly.  These guys present a special problem because they are transmissible to humans (especially children) so have your pet checked regularly, pick up after your pet and make sure your dog and cat are on a monthly preventative.

This is just a brief introduction into the parasites your pet may encounter.  If you have any questions for our veterinarians in Tampa about this, don’t hesitate to contact us!!


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