Why is it important to get a physical examination each year?

Yearly physical exams are just as important as the vaccinations that your pet requires. Our veterinarians in Tampa recommend that your pet be examined at least once a year in order to be proactive about your pet’s health.  (Our animal clinic recommends yearly exams for pets under the age of 7 and twice yearly exams for those over 7)  Also, by law, your veterinarian needs to have examined your pet yearly to dispense any medications, including many of the preventatives your pet takes every month. Our Tampa veterinarians believe many disease conditions can be caught early and therefore treated and controlled before irreversible damage occurs. As with human medicine, early detection often leads to better treatment outcomes.

Our veterinary clinic in Tampa’s yearly visit includes a complete physical exam, parasite screenings (heartworm and fecal), vaccinations (based on your pet’s risk assessment), and possibly blood work to assess internal organ function. As your pet ages, the importance of regular examinations increases. After the age of 7, our animal hospital recommends exams every 6 months to properly monitor your pet. This interval is equivalent to you visiting your doctor every 3 to 4 years. As in human medicine, early detection and treatment is important for a happy, healthy pet.

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