I think my pet ate something that’s making him/her sick, and he/she has lost consciousness/is having seizures/trouble breathing. What should I do?

During normal business hours, bring your pet to our Tampa animal clinic immediately. Call us at 813-289-3925 right before you leave or while you’re on your way to help our veterinary staff prepare for the situation. After the initial exam, our veterinarians will discuss treatment plans or if further diagnostics are needed.  Our Tampa animal hospital has an in house laboratory so most blood work, if needed, can be performed in a quick and efficient manner. This will lead to a rapid diagnosis and treatment for your pet.

If your pet gets sick outside our normal hours, take your pet immediately one of our recommended emergency veterinary clinics.  These include Blue Pearl 813-933-8944 or Tampa Bay Emergency Specialists in Largo at 727531-5752.