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A well rounded preventative program is what we strive for at our veterinary clinic in Tampa.  This includes proper nutrition, proper preventatives, vaccinations as well as plenty of exercise.  One aspect of the program that often is overlooked by many people is dental health.  This effects so many different body organs that if ignored, multiple problems can arise.  Have your veterinarian do a dental exam to determine the best treatment plan could help extend your pet’s life!

Having “dog” breath is certainly a constant complaint our veterinarians hear.  This usually is an indication of advanced dental disease.  Think about it, we brush our teeth 2-3 times daily and still go to the dentist for routine cleanings at least once yearly.  Now consider never brushing your teeth and how much plaque and tartar buildup there would be.  This is how your most pet’s mouths may be.  Not a pretty sight.  The true problem with this is not the odor or yucky looking teeth but the bacteria that resides within the tartar.  This is what is constantly entering your pet’s body and eventually getting into their intestinal tract and bloodstream. These bacteria are what will ultimately cause illness in the form of bone infection or organ infection.  The good news is most of the problems associated with these infections can be prevented by proper dental care!

At our animal hospital in Tampa, our veterinarians recommend at least yearly preventative visits at which one of the many things examined is your pet’s mouth.  They look for plaque and tartar buildup as well as early indicators of dental disease such as gingivitis.  Catching dental disease early will allow our veterinary staff to keep your pet healthy and live a longer life.  Based on the oral exam, some recommendations could include regular tooth brushing at home or having a dental cleaning at our animal clinic to properly and thoroughly remove the bacteria laden tartar from your pet’s mouth.  Either way, the goal is to have a healthier mouth and extend your pet’s life!

There are many aspects to proper oral care so if you have any questions, please contact our veterinary clinic in Tampa at 813-289-3925 or at [email protected]

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