Dental disease and your pet

By July 22, 2016 January 16th, 2017 Blog, veterinary dental care

When was the last time you took a good look in your dog or cat’s mouth?  Most people don’t think about their pet’s oral health until a problem such as “dog breath” or evidence of pain (lethargic, not eating, etc) come up.  Maintaining a healthy mouth is one of the most important things you can do for your pet to help them live a longer, healthier life.  The first step to achieve this is a proper oral examination by your veterinarian.  Our Tampa veterinarians like to look inside your pet’s mouth at their annual or semiannual exams.  This gives them a chance to look for any problems so they can be dealt with in a rapid, efficient manner which is beneficial to both you and your pet.

Having a proper cleaning performed is the cornerstone of your pet’s oral health.  This process is essentially the same that we all get at the dentist annually but usually requires sedation for our pets so it can be properly accomplished.  During the cleaning process, our veterinary staff performs a thorough examination of all teeth and oral surfaces and then determines a treatment plan.  These plans can include possible extractions, growth removals, biopsies of suspicious oral lesions.  Once the exam is done and other procedures are completed, a ultrasonic cleaning of all tooth surfaces followed by polishing and fluoride treatment are performed (same as at your human dentist).  This leaves your pet with a clean healthy mouth and the beginning to a longer, healthier life!

Once the cleaning is completed, the process of maintenance begins.  Although it would be nice to just have our dogs and cats chew on something to keep their teeth clean, this isn’t the case.  Performing regular, at home, tooth brushing is the best way to help increase the time span needed between professional, veterinary dental cleanings.  Even if you have never done this with your pet, most can be trained to accept this maintenance task.  It takes some time but with perseverance and patience, you can get this into your home care routine.  Our veterinary team in Tampa can help you with some hints / tips and even a video to watch.

Veterinary dental care is one of the pillars of your pet’s healthcare that our veterinarians in Tampa firmly believe in.  By performing this, and other preventative vet care, we can give your pet a longer, healthier life which is the goal of our practice.

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