Back to school for your pet

By August 24, 2015 January 16th, 2017 Back to school and your pets, Blog

Many of our Tampa veterinary clients are in the stores doing back to school shopping and getting in those last few days of vacation before school starts up again.  Just like you are getting your kids ready for another school year, take a look at your pets and see if they need to be updated on anything.  Keeping them up to date on all of their preventatives will help them lead a long, healthy life. Below we will outline a few key preventative things that may need to be updated.

First, and one of the most important things is examinations.  Yearly examinations allow your veterinarian to quickly identify small problems before they become big ones.  Both dogs and cats have a great ability of hiding many illnesses until late in the game.  Our veterinarians in Tampa recommend yearly examinations for all pets up to 7 years and twice yearly examinations for those 7 and older.  Just like human medicine, early detection tends to lead to better treatment outcomes.

Second, proper vaccinations are important to keeping your pet healthy.  Our vets in Tampa make vaccine recommendations based upon your pet’s lifestyle so make sure to tell them if anything has changed. For example, your indoor cat is now spending time outside or your dog is now going to doggy daycare.  These situations will require additional vaccinations to protect your furry friends.  Our Tampa veterinary staff will always answer questions for your concerning the proper vaccination protocol for your pet so don’t hesitate to ask questions.  There has been many canine and feline diseases extremely diminished by constant, proper vaccinations so lets keep up the good work and not allow these conditions to return.

Third, parasitic preventatives. These include heart worm preventatives and flea/tick medications.  Being a veterinary clinic in Tampa, we are in the perfect climate for parasites.  With all the rain lately, expect to see more prevalence of these yucky creatures as well.  The good news is there are many safe and effective options for preventing these parasites from causing problems with your pet.  Once again, we make the selection for your pet based on their lifestyle so give us a call and our veterinary staff will help you chose the best one for your furry family members.

In summary, back to school time is a great time to make sure your pets are all caught up on their preventatives and vaccinations.  If it has been awhile since your pets have been to the vet then make sure to get them in.  Our vets in Tampa believe that it is easier and less expensive to prevent a medical issue than it is to treat it if caught in the later stages.

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