Preventive Services

Our veterinarians in Tampa know that a simple way you can help keep your pet healthy is by protecting him or her against parasites. Heartworms, fleas, ticks, and other internal and external parasites are much more than just pests; they can cause life-threatening conditions in your pet—and cause severe, potentially fatal, health problems for you and your family. Being veterinarians in Tampa, Florida we are constantly dealing with pet parasites. Our staff will recommend the best preventive regimen for your pet, based on lifestyle and risk factors. We can also provide expert advice on keeping your whole household safe from parasitic infection. Set up an appointment with our veterinarians to discuss parasite prevention, or call our animal hospital to refill your pet’s medication. Protect your pet and your family today!

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    Preventative Veterinary Medicine / Vaccinations

    To maintain your pet’s health and happiness at their optimal levels we recommend regular visits to your veterinarian for examinations.  At Beach Park Animal Clinic, in Tampa, FL, our veterinarians…

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    Pet Health Insurance

    Having a pet insurance policy is certainly recommended.  Our Tampa vets will provide all necessary information to assist you in your claim if you have a veterinary insurance plan.  There…

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    Housecalls by Appointment (restrictions apply)

    Yes, our vets in Tampa will still do house-calls for our clients that have difficulty bringing their pets to our animal hospital. There are additional fees and restrictions do apply….

  • Pet Health Resources

    Has your pet been diagnosed with a condition that you are unfamiliar with? Are you interested in learning more about how a particular drug works? Would you like more information…

  • Flea Prevention and Control

    As veterinarians in Tampa, we are right in the middle of flea country.  Fleas can cause problems for pets ranging from minor to life-threatening. Not only can these parasites cause…

  • Heartworm Prevention in Tampa

    As veterinarians in Tampa, we deal with mosquitoes all year round. When they bite, mosquitoes can transmit heartworm infection. And those heartworms can wreak havoc on your dog or cat….

  • Microchip Pet Identification

    Imagine if your dog or cat got lost. You’d want to give him or her the best chance of getting home. With microchipping, you can.  Our vets in Tampa have…

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    During your pet’s regular, yearly preventative examination, our veterinarians will evaluate your pet’s mouth and discuss the proper oral hygiene protocol required. This can range from recommending regular tooth brushing…