Veterinarians in Tampa invite you to tour our facility!

An inside look of our animal hospital.  Our Tampa veterinarians and staff will treat you and your pets with the respect that you deserve!  Stop on by to take a tour of our facility and to meet our staff.  Our veterinary clinic can provide you with some of the latest diagnostics and treatment options available with the personal touch that is so important.

Our animal hospital does provide separate waiting rooms for dogs and cats to help keep stress levels down as well as separate cat and dog exam rooms to help people who may have allergies to either dogs or cats.

We do offer veterinarian supervised feline only boarding. Should a problem arise with your cat during it’s stay, our veterinary staff will be able to identify it and address it immediately. Also, if you have a cat that requires any medicines or treatments while staying at our facilities, our trained staff will have no trouble providing the care that is needed.


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Dr. Weber - dog exam room


Veterinary Surgery


Recovery ward


Beach Park Animal Clinic - veterinarian in Tampa - cat exam room

Cat exam by Dr. Weber


Feline boarding


In house laboratory for rapid diagnosis


Cat clinic - feline veterinarian Tampa FL

Separate entrance / waiting room for cats